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Dark Angels IV - project finished on 3/9/12

Customer: Josh Bacon

Project Outline: I'll be painting a whole bunch of infantry for the Dark Angels. There will be 2 Tactical Squads, a Devastator Squad, a couple of Veteran Sergeants, an Honor Guard, a Company Champion, and an Apothecary with an entourage of Medical Servitors.

I'll also be converting a Damocles Rhino, using the Forgeworld kit and a Sisters of Battle Immolator. Should be fun.

I'll be working on the rank-and-file guys first and saving the fun stuff, like the characters and the Damocles, for last. I need a carrot at the end of the stick to help me grind through all that infantry. :)



Here is the first Tactical Squad, mounted on Urban Wasteland Resin Bases.

They are armed with Bolters, a Flamer, and a Missile Launcher. The Sergeant is one of the Sternguard models.

The Veteran Sergeant will be painted up later.



Here is a close up of the sarge and a couple of the regular Marines. There are bits from Forgeworld's MKII 'Crusade' Armor kit spread throughout the models in the commission.

I also really like the custom helmet on the Marine on the left. The custom used greenstuff to build it.



Here is a close up of some more infantry, including the special weapon troopers.

Up next, more Tactical Marines..



Update 2/10/12

Here is the next Tactical Squad, armed with a Lascannon and a Meltagun.

When I painted this squad, I realized that I put the the lions share of the unhelmeted guys in here, so I did a little swapping and repainting of squad numbersa to get a couple of bare heads in the first squad.



Here's a close up of the Sarge and a couple of marines.



Here are the two Tactical Squads, with a few marines swapped to distribute the bare heads a little more evenly.


Up next...




Update 2/24/12

Here is the Devastator Squad, armed with 4 Missile Launchers.





A selection of Devastator Marines, showing off some of the freehand work on the shoulder pads and tabards



The Devastator Sarge and a basic Bolter Marine from the squad.




Here is the Damocles Rhino, converted from a Sisters of Battle Immolator and the Forgeworld Damocles kit.

The dish assembly fit perfectly in the copola from the Immolator, but that left a large hole in the top that was too big for the standard Rhino hatch. I custom cut a small peice of plasticard to fit, mounted the standard cupola from a Rhino and added the clear dome from the Immolator on top.



All the pieces for the top of the conversion are still dry fit, hence all the gaps you see.

I need to keep the pieces seperate for painting purposes because...



... I'll be painting up the control room and crew for the interior of this thing.

Since the rear door of the Rhino kit tends to fall open unless glued shut, I've added a couple of rare earth magnets to the ceiling. I'll be drilling into the rear door and inserting lengths of steel rod in an effort to keep the door in place when it's closed.

Next up will be some primer and paint on this thing.



Update 2/27/12

Here are some "Painting In Progress" shots of the Damocles.

I'm working on the control center and crew first, because it would be a big pain in the butt trying to paint them when the tank is fully assembled.




The Damocles kit is pretty ingenious the way it fits into the stock Rhino chassis with little or no modification.

I went for the 'deathwing white' coloring on the walls to give it a nice contrast to the rest of the tank.

I went for a freehand mechanicum symbol on the right shoulderpads of the crew. The left shoulders have the Dark Angels chapter symbol on them, even though you can't see them in these shots.



The screens were a lot of fun to paint as well.

Who's going to see all this detail once the tank is assembled?

Probably no one.

But that's not really the point is it? :)



Update 3/6/12

Here is the Damocles all painted up and ready for dullcoat. I'll be holding off on that until I hear from the customer about any desired hull markings and such.





Here it is from the back, the door is magnetized so it will actually stay closed.




The radar dish and cupola assembly is removable so that you can still get some light through the top hatch to show off the crew.





Here is the first of the character models, an Apothecary using the backpack off of Fabius Bile as a sort of 'medical servo harness'.





The Apothecary is accompanied by a bodyguard of 4 medical servitors.





One of the servitors is tasked with collecting the geneseed from fallen marines and transporting it in tanks of 'amniotic goo' :)





Here is a group shot of the Apothecary and his entourage.

Up next will be more character-type models, including a Company Champion, some Honor Guard, and a couple of Veteran Sergeants.

I'm on the home stretch with these guys :)





Update 3/9/12

I've finished up the character models.

Here are the the Veteran Sergeants for the two Tactical Squads.





Here is a the 4th Company Champion. This model, as well as some others seen below, are converted from the Space Marine Chapter Masters.

They make for pretty impressive character models. I may have to grab some for myself. :)




Here is the Honor Guard, drawn from the various Companies of the Dark Angels.

The customer named them all, and put together a litle bio for each guy.




This is Honored Brother Zeon, drawn from the 8th Company.




This is Isaac, "First Among Equals". Being the most senior member of the Honor Guard, he wears a black tabard and cape.





Here are Brothers Kyrael and Cherubael. Kyrael is the Champion of the Honor Guard and is rocking a really mean axe. Cherubael is drawn from the 1st Company Veterans, better known as the Deathwing, hence the broken sword emblem on his knee pad.





Brother Nathaniel is drawn from the 2nd Company, aka the Ravenguard. He bears the Ravenguard symbol on his kneepad.





Here are all the models together for a glamour shot.

Aside from dullcoat and some potential hull markings for the Damocles Rhino, that's over 1200 points of models ready to ship.