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Dark Angels II - project finished on 7/27/11

Customer: Josh Bacon

Project Outline: I'll be converting and painting a variety of units for the Dark Angels. There will be 3 Commander-type models (2 in Terminator Armor), a Librarian, a Command Squad, Drop Pod, and a bunch of infantry guys that can pass for either Tactical Marines or Sternguard Veterans.

With the exception of the Drop Pod and the characters in Terminator Armor, all the models were built by the customer. I'm responsible for cleaning up the mold lines, putting them on resin bases, and painting them.


Assembly / Conversion

Here are the 10 infantry models that can pass for either a Sternguard or a Tactical Squad.

Their bolters have been given larger ammo feeds converted from Storm Bolter ammo clips.

I placed the guys on my new Urban Wasteland Resin Bases and added a few Ork bitz at the customer's request.



Here's the Drop Pod all put together with the dorrs sealed shut. The doors all have the stock Dark Angels iconography that comes with the Pod, with the exception of the Sergeant's door.

The customer wanted a little something special for the Sarge, so I chose a suitable symbol from the Dark Angels sprue.

Up next, I'll be getting some primer on these models to get them ready to paint, and I'll be getting the rest of the infantry put on resin bases.




Here are the first 5 models of the Sternguard / Tactical Squad all painted up in their gang colors.

These models are meant to represent veterans, so their helmets are painted in colors reminiscent of the Deathwing (i.e. bone / ivory) with stylized laurels on the sides of the helmet.



Here is a close up of one of the Marines showing the freehand iconography on the helmet and right shoulder pauldron.

The left shoulder is one of the plastic Dark Angels shoulder pads with the sword sculpted on. I painted the 'wings' on either side of the sword to create the Dark Angels symbol.

Up next will be the rest of the squad.



Here is the next round of Sternguard / Tactical guys.

I added some Ork bitz to the bases at the customer's request. I still need to add the company stripe to the knee area on a couple of these guys.



Here is the whole squad.



I've got the basecoat down on the drop Pod. Next up will be shading, highlights, and weathering.



Here's the Drop Pod after weathering.



More Assembly / Conversion

Here are the first 4 models of the Command Squad. The models, from left to right, are Company Champion, Standard Bearer, Apothecary, and Veteran w/ Bolt Pistol and Chainsword.



The next 4 Command Squad models, two with Bolt Pistols and two with Plasma Pistols.



Here's the Librarian...



... and the Captain in Power Armor.

The legs on this guy are from the Blood Angels sprue, and I had to shave off the iconography on the front of the greaves and use green stuff to smooth them out.

Next up, I'll be getting these guys painted up and the moving on to the Terminators.



More Painting

The entire Command Squad in their gang colors.



Here's a front shot of the Standard Bearer



And a close-up of the freehand banner itself.



I painted an Imperial Aquila on the back side of the banner, so it could be an inspirational image to the Marine holding it.

I also wrote the Dark Angels motto, "Never Forget, Never Forgive" as well.

I painted it is very muted colors so as not to detract from the image on the front.



Here's a closer shot of the imagery on the back of the banner. I cranked up the contrast on the image to better show the paintjob.


Here is Captain Zanzael of the Dark Angels 3rd Company. I added a Dark Angels icon to the top of his backpack at the customer's request.

He's got the 3rd Company 'slash' across his left armor greave, and some fancy trim work on his cloak.



Here is the Captain from the back showing the trim work on his cloak.



Here's Librarian Nebeziel from the front...



... the left side showing his forearm mounted plasma pistol...



and from the right side showing his name across the shoulder pad.



Even More Assembly / Conversion

Here is the Terminator Commander. He is built primarily from the assault terminator box, using a storm bolter arm and halberd top from the Grey Knight Terminators box.

I used the standard thunder hammer arm and mounted the halberd blade on top and lengthened the haft of the weapon using 1/16" copper tube. The blade, arm, and copper tube have a metal rod running down the middle.

I used the Company Champion head from the Space Marine Command Squad for this guy to distinguish him from other terminators that may come later.



Here he is from the back. The shoulder pad is from the Dark Angels sprue and has the 3rd company 'slash' already detailed on it.

I glued all the purity seals on blowing the same direction to give the model a sense of motion.



Here is a Deathwing Sergeant converted from the Assault Terminators box and using the storm shild and shoulder pad from the Dark Angels sprue.

The Dark Angels Storm Shield is a bit smaller than the customer wanted. He wanted a shield the same size as the sergeant's shiled (i.e. longer and bulkier looking). I extended the bottom of the stock shield with plasticard and added some small rivets to make it look really sturdy...

...and maybe a bit retro :)



Here he is from the back showing the Deathwatch Shoulder pad in place.



Painting Complete

Here is the Terminator Commander, all nice and painted up in his Deathwing colors.

The emblems on his shoulder guard and greave are freehand.


Here he is from the back.


Here is the Deathwing Captain, all painted up and ready to roll.

Just like the Commander above, the Deathwing symbol is freehand.


Here he is from the back.

At this point the models are complete pending customer approval.

Once they're signed off on, it'll be time for clearcoat and anice big group shot of all the models and then pack 'em away and ship 'em.


Project Complete

Here they all are, rounded up for a group photo op and ready to be shipped.



One last photo, this time with some terrain in the background.