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Dark Angels I - project finished on 4/27/11

Customer: Josh Bacon

Project Outline: A Master of the Forge of the Dark Angels Chapter. The first model is based off a Thunderfire Cannon. The second will be the Master of the Forge encased in a Dreadnought (based off an Ironclad with twin twin Autocannons). I'll also be cooking up a fresh set of resin bases for these models.


Assembly / Conversion

Here's the Master of the Forge model, armed with a conversion beamer. The beamer itself is based off the Thunderfire Cannon chassis with a few bits swapped out here and there.

It's still a bit of a work in progress and will require a custom base for stability. The Thunderfire Cannon is a notoriously fiddly model and almost requires a base of some kind just to hold together.

The backpack you see here is from the Devastator Marine set.



Here's a shot of the MoF when he's fielded just as a techmarine with servitors. As you can see here, the guy is wearing a servo harness instead of the Devastator Marine backpack in the previous pic...



... That's because I magnetized the packs so the customer can swap between them.



Here's a close up shot of the axe. The stock Thunderfire Cannon Techmarine has this wimpy left arm, getting ready to type some numbers into the remote control unit for the Cannon.

I thought it much more fitting to have him armed with a nasty axe, complete with the 'gear edge' pattern favored by the tech priests.



Here's the Master of the Forge after a nasty accident, he's been encased in an Ironclad Dreadnought...



... or a standard Dreadnought, complete with the Mortis pattern autocannons (also referred to as thye 'Rifleman' Dread).

I've converted the arms from the autocannon turret found in the Aegis Defense Line kit.



Here's the Dread, with all his components laying on the deck, ready for primer.




Here's the Master of the Forge, all painted up in his servo harness. The model still needs to have dullcoat applied to protect the paint, but he's pretty much complete.

I particularly like the freehand Dark Angels chapter symbol on his kneepad.


And here he is from the back.

With his targetting backpack (for use with the still-to-be-finished conversion beamer)...

... and from the back.

Up next will be the painted Dreadnought, followed by the finished conversion beamer and the servitors.

Here's the Dread, in his Ironclad configuration, complete with magnetized hunter-killer missiles and weapon arms.

I also tried to match the armor color scheme to the Master of the Forge model, down to the same red dark Angels symbol on the bone colored knee pad.



From the back...



... and the side.

I freehanded the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol on the dreadnoughts shoulder pad to better match the infantry model.



Here's the Dread in the Rifleman configuration.



From the side...



... and the back.

Servitors and conversion beamer will be on their way shortly.



Here are the servitors, two armed with heavy bolters and two geared up for close combat.



Here is the Master of the Forge with his servitor henchmen.



The conversion beamer on it's custom built base...



... and from the back.

I'll be painting this thing up shortly.



Here's the conversion beamer all painted up...



... and from the back.

I painted lane lines on the broken pavement to add to the 'urban ruin' theme of the base.

I'll be repeating this theme on the bases of the other figures as well.



Here's a close up of the instrument panels on the conversion beamer.



Completed Models

Here are all the models, complete and ready for the tabletop. The lane lines have been painted on all the bases.

At this point all that remains is to give them a once over with dullcoat laquer and they're good to go.