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Snakebite Warboss on Boar - finished on 11/20/13

Customer: Trent Chestnut

Project Outline: A custom built Ork Warboss of the Snakebite Clan, mounted on a big, smelly cyboar.


Assembly / Conversion

As far as Ork clans go, the Snakebites are pretty primitive... and that's saying a lot, given the sophistication of the average Ork :)

Back in the old days of 2nd edition 40k, the Snakebites rode into battle on foul-tempered, foul-smelling boars.

The Nobs and Warbosses of the Snakebites would instead ride "Cyboars", a bizarre combination of Boar and motorcycle!

When choosing a base model to work from for this conversion, the customer and I put our heads together and figured that Gorbad Ironclaw from Warhammer Fantasy, had the coolest looking boar.

When combined with some elements from the 40k Ork Warboss... as well as some plasticard and greenstuf... I think this is a good start on the way to a 'proppa' Snakebite Boar Boss.



Once I hacked away the rear legs of the boar, I add the wheel from an old school Ork Wartrukk to give the Cyboar it's iconic look. The exhaust pipes are gun barrels from some model kit that was laying in my bits box.

I used greenstuff to build up the fur on the rear of the model as well as filling some gaps.

Parts of a metal model are fiddly to assemble in the best of circumstances. Jamming together parts that were never meant to go together in the first place means a lot of gap filling and 'persuasion' with a dremel :)


All in all I think the Boar Boss is coming along well. I've still got a lot of detail work, gap filling and other work to do on the thing, but I think this 'stance test' is a good representation of where I'm headed with it.


Conversion Complete

Update 11/20/13

Here's the Boar Boss with the conversion work complete.

I gave the Boar a custom Iron Gob with some nasty tusks sticking out the front to count as a powerklaw. I also added some canisters of 'squig juice' complete with hoses running into the piggy's mouth.If the Boss needs a burst of speed, he just hits the switch...

... and rockets off in a cloud of flatulence!

Gotta love the Orks. :)


I used the attack squig from the Boss's hand as a pet to run alongside the boar.

I've also added a few green stuff feather's here and there to complete the Snakebite look, as well as a chain strp for the Boss's gun so he doesn't lose it while he's riding.

Even though the Boar's Iron Gob will be counting as a powerklaw, I decided to add a 'Uge Choppa over his shoulder just in case the customer wants the Boss armed that way.

Another shot from the left front.

The customer wants to paint this bad boy himself, so at this point the model is good to go.