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Black Templars Assault Squad - project completed on 5/9/11

Customer: Mike Perry

Project Outline: A squad of 10 Assault Marines, armed with a variety of close combat nastiness, all painted up in Black Templars colors.


Completed Models

Here are the models all painted up in their gang colors.

The Squad is mostly equipped in standard Assault Marines style, with Chainswords and Bolt Pistols. There are also 2 Flamers in the squad, as well as a Marine with a Storm Shield and Powerfist, and a Marine with a Storm Shield and Chainsword.

All the Marines have scriptures and Black Templars iconography freehnad painted on various parts of their armor



The 'dingy' white look on the shoulder pads was achieved by:

1) A basecoat of Bleached Bone over a Black undercoat.

2) Skull White layered on until an even coat is acheived.

3) Wash of Gryphonne Sepia.

4) Re-apply Skull White, leaving the shading visible in the recesses.

You could techinically skip step 1, but it's a lot harder to get an even tone with straight white over a black undercoat.

At this point, the models are good to go.